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Thursday, 22.October 2015

Happy kitchen Chef

Near Podgorica airport, in the heart of the nature, boutique hotel Aria lays. It is known for its quality, style, hospitality, and its A la carte restaurant gets more and more culinary recognition. However, not many know who is a man behind all gastronomic pleasures and achievements. We are sitting in aperitif bar and waiting for our cher. Using the entrance for employees of hotel Aria, with impeccably ironed and arranged uniforme, he enters a kitchen and in a few movie like moves three deserts are already served. “For conversation to flow sweeter”, he serves and sits into a chair, not any chef, but this one who represented Aria in gastro competition held 2007 and 2008 in Hotel Splendid. Here Aria hotel gained medal from the Society of Montenegrin chefs. This young chef, who finished high school in Podgorica, says he does not like to change workplaces very often, this is why he gives his culinary skills only to hotel Aria and its owners, Vukcevic family for 12 years not. As it goes for many chefs our Boris Ognjenovic says he is most comfortable behind the kitchen table, and guest satisfaction is, according to him, his largest reward for all efforts invested. Always in the good mood, with optimistic spirit and playful nature, he most kindly answered our question concerning his culinary idol. “My admiration to Jamie Oliver, but I am not for cooking in the field” through playful smile he speaks. His colleagues say that it is a real pleasure sharing a kitchen with him. In most stressful situations Boris creates positive atmosphere which moves and inspires. In the years when we are still searching and finding our vocations, Boris did not imagine he will be a cook. His parents, to whom he is very grateful, inspired him to start cooking and devoting himself to gastronomy world. He likes cooking, as much as enjoying his dessert, already half of it it's gone. “I like cooking, however, I can’t pick one favorite dish. I like to experiment with food on daily basis, every now and then new recipes are born.” Boris makes a pause, takes one more bite of his wonderful parfait and continues: “Special attention and what I always put accent on is food decoration and sophisticated serving, I believe that visual impression plays equally important role as the food taste itself.” Even though he works in restaurant of hotel Aria, which gives him an opportunity to cook for many famous persons staying there, greatest pleasure finds in cooking for his dear friends. In Aria you will find international, mediterranean and traditional food. However, Boris is mostly attracted by, in our geographic area, still new, unexplored and a bit mystique, Asian kitchen. Food preparation is an industry that fastly changes lately. New trends, attention given to food serving, team leading, menu selection, clients pleasure and satisfaction, standards… All of these are sweet tortures for Boris. Whenever his job allows him, he grabs his free time and visits different gastronomic events, seminars, gatherings or simply he discovers on his home computer and stove those little secrets of great masters. His greatest desires is for one day to be an owner of successfully led restaurant. After reading this story, we are sure, that whenever you visit you will think of our wonderful cook Boris, and if you may wish he will be there to greet you. His shift is starting just now. With elegant moves, known only to great masters inlove with their jobs, he collects the plates and leaves with a smile saying: “And now the time is right to grab something to eat”